Public Speaking Skills

public speaking coaching programme for teenagers and young adults

Essential public speaking skills

Public speaking and presentation skills are not taught much in schools or college. Yet it's considered an essential skill in both university and the workplace. This means young people are starting out completely unprepared. When they feel anxious about public speaking, they often feel alone in their fear, unaware that this is normal. Everyone experiences anxiety at varying levels and can overcome their fear of public speaking. This is accomplished by learning to manage nerves and and developing their speaking skills.

online group sessions

All my sessions are currently online. I work with small groups of no larger than six students per group. Group coaching is more effective for developing public speaking skills than one to one because students learn to speak in front of others from the start.

Public speaking for teens

Public Speaking Coaching Made Easy.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the coaching here’s what happens:

  1. We’ll schedule the day and time of the weekly sessions.
  2. I’ll ask you to fill in an introductory questionnaire. 
  3. We’ll have an introductory one to one session so I can assess your speaking skills.
  4. You can either join a pre-existing group coaching programme or start a new one as long as you have two or more participants interested.
  5. We’ll start the coaching programme and within a few weeks you’ll start to see results.

Lessons are one hour and fifteen minutes in length and will include about 15 -20  minutes of homework each week. 
In each lesson student will:

  1. Learn public speaking skills, including listening and responding skills.
  2. Learn how to reduce anxiety and develop authentic confidence.
  3. Discover how to deliver a prepared or impromptu speech.
  4. Learn to receive and apply feedback and evaluate speeches.

Online group sessions are currently offered at a discounted rate due to COVID: 
£10 per student for 3-6 students.
£20 per student for 2 students.

All payments are due one day in advance via PayM or BACS.


48 hours in advance.

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