Online KS3 / GCSE English

One to one tuition has never been easier. Lessons can take place online wherever you are.
Online lessons save on cost and are just as effective as face to face tuition.

Top 3 Benefits of GCSE English Tuition

GCSE English student
  1. Learn the Assessment Objectives for GCSE English with tailor made lessons designed according to your own learning style.
  2. Make progress with the help and support of a tutor who knows exactly what you need to succeed in your GCSE exams.
  3. Develop confidence in your reading and writing skills, your exam technique and in yourself.

5 Simple Steps to be on your way to making progress

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the tutoring here’s what happens:.

Online English student
  1. We’ll schedule the day and time of the weekly sessions
  2. I’ll ask you to fill in an introductory questionnaire
  3. You’ll complete an English language assessment paper.
  4. I’ll create a plan based on your questionnaire and assessment
  5. We’ll engage in tailor made, clear and simple techniques to  see you making progress

What happens in the lessons?

Lessons are one hour in length and will include about 15 -20  minutes of homework each week. 
Each lesson includes:

  1. Review of homework to check your progress and understanding (you’ll have a go at marking some of your own work – this is an effective way to learn).
  2. Engaging in tailor made learning material for both reading and writing with clear and simple techniques and explanations
  3. Completing tasks, such as short answer questions, essay writing techniques, spelling tests and quizzes. 
  4. Setting homework for the next lesson

Fees and Payment

Individual online lessons, £30  per lesson
Online lesson for two students is £25 each
Payment one day in advance by PayM

Cancellation Policy

48 hours in advance