Sarina Mann BA MSc

Sarina Mann English Tutor

I’m a professional GCSE English Language tutor. I offer support, patience and encouragement and have a clear, logical teaching style. Lessons with me are engaging, interactive and effective. My aim is to help you succeed in your English exams. I do this by breaking things down into small, manageable chunks that are clear and simple.

How can I help you?

I understand preparing for GCSE’s can be stressful and overwhelming; but it doesn’t need to be. If you know what to study, how to study,  what exam techniques to use and then practice what you’ve learnt, you’re on your way to success.  As a tutor I can help you do this.

Top tips for success in GCSE English:
Believe in your ability to succeed in the exam
Know what to study and how to study well
Learn the correct material
Practice what you’ve learnt
Believe, Know, Learn, Practice = Success!

My Tutoring Approach

My formula for effective tuition is this:
Listen – I listen to your learning needs and develop a plan that suits you
Teach with clarity – making things clear and simple! Learn then practice
Test your knowledge – my tutoring style involves questions and interaction that students enjoy
Encourage and Support – Extra support and encouragement goes a long way
Build Confidence – a big part of learning and succeeding in exams

Who I Serve

GCSE English Students (AQA Exam Board only)
If you’re struggling with GCSE English Language and want clear and simple techniques for your exams – I can help and support you. But, you do need to be willing to put the work in too! (I don’t mean hours a day of homework but a willingness to try your best).
Or if you’re an EAL student, I’ll  help you with the extra language support you’ll need for your exam.

Why I Tutor and What I Love About it

I love teaching – it’s that simple. I enjoy teaching English because it’s an essential skill for everyone.
It’s also about my background, when I was growing up my family moved around a lot. My education began in Canada, then Singapore, New Zealand and finally the UK. In each new school and with each new curriculum I had to break everything down into clear and simple chunks. Using these techniques, I could catch up and adapt to a new curriculum and still do well in exams.

I continued to use these effective learning techniques at University and beyond. That’s why I now enjoy helping others to do the same.