Sarina Mann BA MSc

Sarina Mann English Tutor

I enjoy tutoring English because it’s an essential skill for everyone. A skill, that not only enables students to do well in their GCSE exams, but a life-skill that empowers them to communicate, understand and engage with the world effectively. With a passion for tutoring English and a clear, logical teaching style, my students see results.

‘Sarina is an exceptional teacher! She is very prepared, she is a kind, patient and punctual person. Her lessons are well organized and I noticed my progress already from the first lesson. With Sarina I started to really appreciate the English language!’ Gaja Busca

Tutor Training

During my postgraduate degree in, International Development, I trained and worked as a tutor at the University of Southampton. After experiencing an illness I decided against a career in International Development. Instead, I focused exclusively on my work as a tutor, specifically in ESL, KS3 and GCSE English Language.

As part of my tutor training, I learned how tutoring was different from teaching. A good tutor is necessarily a good listener and communicator. Someone with a keen ability to listen carefully and assess where the learner is on their journey. Someone who is approachable, and brings out the best in the tutee. Lastly, someone who offers clear explanations of topics, helpful feedback and encouragement.

‘Your lessons were well-structured and easy to understand. You simply explained the question types which were task-oriented and useful. On the other hand, your lesson was encouraging and that definitely boosted my confidence. Having taken your lesson, I was able to improve my weaknesses.  Without your help this would not have been possible I believe. Thank you so much!’ HY Lui

Quality Tuition

Educated up to Masters Degree and trained as a tutor at university, I ensure my lessons are of a high standard. I view myself as a life-long learner, always striving to improve my qualities as a tutor.

I communicate well with parents to deal with any issues that may arise during tuition. I also familiarise myself with my tutee’s school website to keep up to date with news from the English Department. I know the  syllabus and exams well for all main education boards (AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas and OCR).

‘Sarina, thank you for your support! I would have failed English if you hadn’t helped me.’ Josh

How I can help

Preparing for GCSE’s can be stressful and overwhelming; but it doesn’t need to be.
As a tutor I guide my tutees in the following areas:

  • Why English language is important
  • What to study
  • How to study
  • How to practice what they’ve learned
  • What exam techniques to use

Tutoring Approach

Listen – I listen to students’ learning needs and develop a tailor-made plan
Teach with Clarity – making things clear and simple! Learn then practice
Test Knowledge – my tutoring style involves questions and interaction that students enjoy
Encourage and Support – Extra support and encouragement goes a long way
Build Confidence – a big part of learning and succeeding in exams